2 Thumbs Up LLC | Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is extremely beneficial to your online and offline business in that it aids in the interaction with your client base and among their friends, developing a professional online image and a positive offline presence. In addition social media marketing also has several SEO benefits. Social media marketing links can be a huge benefit to your content and blogs. Social media marketing also allows you the opportunity to engage your audience. Social media marketing also known as SMM is a critical component of SEO. It is however the number one way to misuse the true intentions of SEO, which are all inbound. People search, they find you, you continue to engage them, they trust you and you win their loyalty, that’s SEO and SMM.

Surface Source (2)Word of Mouth to the Tenth Power

With Social Media being a type of advertising “by mouth”, your customers have the ability to instantly comment on your Facebook, Twitter, or Youtube and share their personal experience with your business to their friends. With SEO, Social Media Marketing is a necessity. A properly designed Social Media existence will improve your search engine visibility. Would you prefer to have just one place on the first page of Google, or multiple places? Proper Social Media Marketing can help to kick your competition completely off the first page of Google. With your business occupying the page, your business will receive majority of the traffic for your industry. 2 Thumbs Up LLC can help you obtain this with our use of Social Media Marketing. The Social Media Marketing we offer includes:


  • Creating interesting and sharable content
  • Creating custom graphics for Facebook posts
  • Posting Relevant Content for you that has links back to your website.
  • Optimization of your Videos for YouTube
  • Generating an Audience
  • Creating a Customized Facebook and twitter.

We are able to take the time consuming task of handling your Social Media Marketing and SEO off of your hands. Our professionals at 2 Thumbs Up LLC would love to allow you the leisure time of running your business while we manage and build your Social Media.